Polytunnel Cover - Sterilite Super Thermic


UV Polythene suitable as a replacement cover for polytunnels. Available in widths of: 7.3m, 9.2m, 11.1m, 14.0m. UV Guarantee: 5 years. Thickness: 150mu. Milky appearance, diffused, thermic (85%), anti fog and drip, light transmission 89%. Reduces aphid attacks by reducing the UV light which they need to see. Reduces Botrytis and Mildew because they need high levels of UV light to breed. Use this film for all crops that require heat. Vegetables, flowers, nursery stock. Early and late season cropping. Organic soft fruit. There is a small cutting charge on orders under 20m, currently £7.00, which is shown with the delivery charge.

Size guide: Width: measure over the hoop and add allowance for the trenches. Length: Frame size plus 6 - 7 meters to allow for ends and doors. Imperial conversions: 7.3m = 24', 9.2m = 30'4', 11.1m = 36'6', 14m = 46'.

› Length: Minimum 11m - Max 50m
FOR LENGTHS LESS THAN 11m LONG SEE: 'Polythene 5m to 10m...' in the Other Products section.

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