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All of our fish are produced from the same high-quality eggs that have made Troutlodge the world's leading supplier of Rainbow trout eggs. The fish are carefully selected for: Fast growth, high survivability, attractive appearance.

Troutlodge is proud to be the primary supplier each year for the state of Washington's popular Triploid Trout stocking program. We are also proud to work hand-in-hand with the Cooperative Trout Enhancement Program (CTEP), a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance trout fishing possibilities in public waters throughout the state of Washington.


Troutlodge can supply you with any size fish to meet you needs, from fingerlings to 20+ pound trophy-size triploid trout. Customers are welcome to mix-and-match different sizes in order to best fit their needs.

Both regular (diploid) and sterile (triploid) trout are available.


Troutlodge is the Pacific Northwest's largest supplier of live Rainbow trout, stocking hundreds of public and private ponds each year. Through our multiple production sites, we have the capacity to supply you with as many fish as you need.

Your fish will be delivered in prime condition in one of Troutlodge's many fish transport trucks. Each truck is equipped with specially-designed tanks and oxygen systems. No purchase is too large for the Troutlodge delivery team.

For larger, wholesale orders, fish are delivered from our Sumner and Soap Lake facilities in Washington and Idaho, and our Hood River facility in Oregon. Call early to schedule your delivery, especially in the very busy spring months.

For smaller, retail orders, fish can be purchased from our U-Fish facility Bill's Fishin' Hole. There is no minimum order from this facility, and all orders must be picked up by the customer. Transportation tanks and equipment are available for use free of charge (security deposit required).

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