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Portable Alley & Tub


Parasal Portable Alley & Tub  started it all, in 1980 the frist one piece Alley and Tub was build and 2600 units later they are still preferred by the cattleman . With it's simple design it still is the simplest and most portable system on the market yet today.


Portable Alley & Tub

  1. One piece design
  2. Alley has 3 lengths available ,20',24',30' all are adjusable from 18'' to 34'' two no backs and a 16' cat walk on one side of the alley and around the tub.
  3. The Tub has a full 124'' inside diameter
  4. Can be picked up and moved in less than 15 min buy one person.
  5. The wheels never come off they fold forward to let it self down.

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