Jetwash Ltd

Portable Piggy Cabin


Most hygienic environment and corrosion free building structure, durable and long life span High performance rates of  farrowing and weaner pig growth in piggy cabin Options of farrowing piggy cabin crate numbers available from 8 to 20 sow places Piggy Cabins can be divided into desired rooms to suit your farrowings Farrowing Combi-Cabins can also be fabricated to suit 24 to 40 sow places Options of wean to finish piggy cabins designed to suit required pig numbers and rooms Tax benefits as the Jetwash piggy cabin is under plant and machinery classification Asset finance for the piggy cabin can be obtained

  • Prefabricated insulated panel walling, insulated fibreglass roof with PVC ceiling
  • Steel slurry tank insulated and fibreglass structure
  • Galvanized farrowing crates, Sow/piglet drinker bowl, electric/water heat pad
  • PVC and cast iron slatted flooring combinations with stainless steel and fibreglass  supports
  • PVC panel boarding and stainless steel fixations for penning layouts
  • Complete automatic ventilation control and failsafe system

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