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AB Elektronik has developed and produced position sensors since 1990. Our company has a number of its own patents and produces on a large scale in the car and commercial vehicle sectors as well as on a medium and small scale for special-purpose vehicles and agricultural applications. Our extensive experience in different non-contact technologies, including the company's own Autopad® technology, mean that the product features can be customised to each application. The analogue, PWM, PSI5, SENT, CAN and LIN interfaces and other protocols are possible.

  • Patented technology
  • Large-scale application in the car and commercial vehicle sectors
  • Medium and small-scale production for special-purpose vehicles and agricultural applications


  • Linearity < 1 %
  • Programmable for angular ranges from +/ - 4° to +/- 180°
  • Variable clamping with 10 bit resolution
  • Offset mode for parallel signal routing also on redundant channels
  • Signal memory
  • Integrated temperature compensation
  • Customer specific signal processing


  • Linearity
  • Measurement range linear 20-600 mm
  • 360° rotation + multiturn
  • Particularly insensitive to disturbances due to differentiated measurement
  • Parallel operation with several sensors using minimal installation space
  • Redundant offset
  • Simple construction and assembly due to significant reduction of the number of component parts
  • Highly cost effective

Special Application:
The Steering sensors combine all of the performance and reliability of the first generation in a smaller more cost effect package. They are designed for demanding Electric Power Steering (EPS) systems where high performance and durability are required. Applications such as rack mount EPS in passengers cars and EPS for ATVs are ideal applications.´

The Magnetorque II LC is designed for +/- 5 degree sensing angles. Other sensing angles are possible via software control. Rotational life exceeds 10,000,000 cycles do to the unique minimal bearing design. 

Operating temperatures from -40 °C to 125 °C are possible.

  • Offset programmable by customer
  • Integrated wire harness and connector 
  • Non-Contacting Hall effect technology 
  • Dual redundant outputs

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