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Post Hole Diggers


Our Tractor Post Hole Diggers is supplied with a heavy-duty gear box and PTO shafts which are Imported from Italy to withstand tough Indian soil conditions. There are four different sizes of augers 9', 12', 18' and 24' available as optional and can be selected by the customers as per their requirement and nature of work. This is Ideally suited for both 540 and 1000-PM Tractors that are available in India. Minimum Horse Power required to run this implement is 35 HP and above.

This machine is a attachment to a Tractor and is used for planting trees, samplings, erection of lamp post, fencing and making stones etc. The various sizes of augers, Viz 9,12,18 and 24” augers gives the option to the customer to select the sizes of auger to his requirement. The customer can buy the machine with any one size of auger or with all other augers and can change the auger alone depending on the size of pit required. The maximum depth that a Post Hole Digger can attain is 1 meter.

The Post Hole Diggers are supplied with heavy duty Gear Box and PTO Drive Shafts Imported from Italy.

Gear Box

Precision, Mechanised with heat treated gears in a heavy gear box housing designed to suit tough soil conditions.

PTO Shaft

Telescopic shaft with shear bolt torque limiter, which acts as a fuse in case of overload or when the implement encounters

a boulder /rock in the soil.


Mounted on a 3 point linkage category I & II


Sizes are optional and can beselected by the customers of their choices ranging from 9', 12' , 18' and 24'


One meter maximum


Carries a limited warranty of six months for any manufacturing defects for the implement and for the gear box except PTO shift.

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