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Pot-in-Pot Planter



Nurserymen know trees, plants and shrubs planted in pots that are buried in the ground stand up to winter winds and cold temperatures better than those in above-ground pots. GK Machine’s Pot-in-Pot Planter helps get those pots in and out of the ground fast and efficiently. Nursery pots are set in the ground and liner pots containing the plants are inserted, making a double pot system that prevents rooting out into the soil. The pots are recessed in the ground, preventing blow-over and protecting the roots from extreme temperatures. The liner pots get pulled and sold with the plant; the outside socket pots are then replanted with a new crop.

Other Options:

  • On-board hydraulic leveling
  • Automatic tilt control row maker

  • Pot Sizes: Custom Pot Sizes 7 to 25 gallon
  • Row Spacing: Spacing minimum of 36”
  • Trench: Width of trench opening 18” to 25” | Automatic trench filling
  • Drainage/Dripline: Installs drainage and drip line simultaneously | 1” drip line with onboard reel | 4” drainage tile installed under each pot
  • Unit Size: Ships in a dry van (120”L x 90”W x 84”H) | 4500 lbs

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