Potash, Calcium & Sulfur Liquid Fertilizer


Potassium: When your crops need additional potassium for maximum yield and quality, ask for Nutra K30 & Nutra K32 - both are a highly soluble potassium source that is chloride free, has a low salt index and can be soil or foliar applied.

Nutra K30 and Nutra K32 are designed for all of your special potassium needs. Use it to safely foliar apply potassium to all types of crops. It is especially well designed for soil applications in many situations, either alone or mixed with other liquid fertilizers.

  • High availability to crops
  • Very low salt index
  • Low burn potential when foliar applied
  • High Solubility
  • Compatible with many fertilizers and pesticides
  • 30% K2O & 32% K2O
  • No chlorides
  • Virtually non-corrosive
  • Excellent storability
  • Flows easily at all temperatures

Calcium: When crops need calcium, use Nutra-Flo Cal-10 10% Liquid Calcium. Cal-10 is a 100% water-soluble calcium that can be combined with nitrogen and chemical applications to provide hungry plants with an immediate supply of calcium. Cal-10 also improves soil conditions and enhances the uptake of ammonium nitrogen.

Sulfur: Nutra-KS is potassium thiosulfate solution (0-0-25-17). It can be applied with liquid applicators, planters, or by drip, sprinkler or flood irrigation. Nutra-KS can also be foliar applied by ground or air applicators.

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