Potato Flail Shredder



This multi-crop flail shredder handles extremely tough crop conditions and is ideal for potato production. The dynamically balanced rotor is 10 ¾” in diameter and features a ½” wall. Combined with 2-3/16” alloy steel rotor shafts, this rotor is the strongest in the industry. Contoured flails are patterned to fit virtually any row spacing. The shape and speed of the cupped flails creates a suction that lifts the material into the rotor for a complete and uniform cut.

Operators have the option of two tire or individual tire rollers. The exclusive Newhouse tire roller assembly uses flat tires to evenly distribute the weight of the machine over the bed. It also packs the shredded vines over the potatoes, helping protect them from the elements. An added feature specific to the potato industry is a rear tool bar that extends past the side walls so the tire roller can be wider than the inner sides of the housing. A front tool bar is added to use third-party accessories.

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