Potato Seed Cutter



This tabletop seed cutter is small enough for easy set up, use, and storage.  The one hand operation allows the worker to pick up potatoes with one hand and operate the lever with the other hand.  It is simply clamped to a table or bench to keep it in place.  The cut seed can be caught in a small container, then dumped into a larger container or a deflector can be attached to the cutter to direct the seed to a bag, box or bucket placed alongside the table.

  • Structural Steel Frame
  • Cutlery Quality Steel Blades
  • One Hand Operation
  • Large Diameter Pivot Pin For Long Life
  • Blades Easily Removable For Safe Easy Sharpening
  • Soft Rubber Bumpers To Protect The Seed From Bruising As It Is Cut
  • Cuts Into 2, 4, 6, Or 8 Pieces Depending On Seed Stock Size And Variety

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