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The trimmer of the “Potel” series belongs to the type with cutting bars featuring double alternated movement of the blades called “double-blade”, reducing the vibrations to the minimum. This system performs a neat cut making the wound on the shoot of the vine less evident and allowing more rapid healing. Differently from the cutting system with “free blade” (knife) producing a wider and more irregular wound, it requires more demanding daily maintenance, with the cleaning and sharpening of the blades many times a day, the periodical checks of the rotation parts (bearings, belts) as well as higher risk exposure due to the ejection of the residual vegetation during the work.

Machine equipped with special articulated chassis facilitating the entrance in the row, the transport during the displacements and reducing the volume. Equipped with two cutting bars (left-right) for the lateral vegetation and with two left and right upper blades “for the cutting of apical vegetation, equipped with anti-shock articulation and mechanical angular inclination (hydraulic on demand). The sturdy chassis of box-type steel bears a hydraulic distributor (on demand electro-hydraulic with joystick).

  • Lateral life-right displacement
  • Vertical displacement
  • Right angular adjustment
  • Left angular adjustment
  • Tool operation control (cutting bars)

The angular adjustment of both left and right tops is obtained through a mechanical screw system (hydraulic on demand).

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