- Pot Based Drip Irrigation System



The Potmaster is a pot based drip irrigation system that enables bigger yields than standard cultivation in pots. The Potmaster is a highly effective passive hydro system that never leaves pots stood in water. The pots sit above a reservoir filled with nutrient solution and are consistently fed by a dual dripper system.

Bigger yields – More access to water, nutrient and oxygen = faster growth and bigger yields More choice – The Potmaster can be used with and growing media. Easily operated – Simply fill the Potmaster reservoir and set the timer. Ideal for grow tents – The Potmaster fits tents of sizes 4’x4’ and 4’x8’ grow tents

Constant access to water and nutrients enables the plants to take up more water and nutrients than if they were to be hand watered. The system avoids water-logging and oxygen starvation – which will provide a healthier root zone and improve growth and yield. The system is designed so that the plant will never be stood in water.

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