Ingauna Vapore Srl

Potting Electromechanical Machine



PLC controlled electromechanical Packer. Structure for peat tanks (ground) in galvanized 30/10. Large Storeroom cup dispenser. Powerful compressor allowing soil compaction especially in vessels. Possibility of extraction of vessels on three sides of the packaging. Automatically dispenses fertilizer granule. Electric control panel with possibility of exclusion of unwanted features.

  • Added: cm. 220
  • Width: cm. 100
  • Length: cm. 280
  • Capacity: lt. 1,200
  • Capacity max packaging: n ° 2,000 vessels / hours
  • Vessels Diameter: 10 to 26
  • Motor feed. Earth: HP 1.5
  • Motor carousel: HP 0,50
  • Motor alim tape. Vessels: HP: 0.12
  • Motore trivella: HP 0.70

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