In poultry production, Elanco delivers value throughout the food chain by helping ensure Intestinal Integrity in broiler production. Several Elanco products and services target the optimal functioning of the digestive system, which in turn results in efficient and uniform growth. Elanco makes products for broilers, breeders, layers and turkeys (product labels and uses vary by country and species). These products protect poultry health and ensure consistent performance by:

  • Preventing and controlling diseases and health threats, including:
  • Coccidiosis (one of the most frequently reported diseases in broiler production)
  • Bacterial enteritis (caused by Clostridium perfringens)
  • Protecting respiratory health
  • Managing the factors that cause Feed Induced Immune Response (FIIR)
  • Controlling Mycoplasma
  • Improving feed efficiency and weight gain
  • Managing and eliminating pests and parasites

Protecting Intestinal and Respiratory Integrity can help poultry producers raise uniform flocks and improve production efficiency.

Elanco innovations also contribute to food safety by reducing the threat of food-borne pathogens such as Salmonella. And Elanco supports all of its products with technical expertise and access to recognized leaders in poultry production and animal health.

The top five populations in annual per capita broiler meat consumption are:

  • Kuwait, 59.9 kg/person (132 lbs)
  • United Arab Emirates, 59.1 kg/person (130.0 lbs)
  • Brazil, 45.4 kg/person (100 lbs)
  • USA, 43.4 kg/person (95.7 lbs)
  • Hong Kong, 43.0 kg/person (94.8 lbs)

The top five broiler producers are:

  • USA (16.5 million metric tons)
  • China (12.5 million metric tons)
  • Brazil (12.3 million metric tons)
  • EU (9 million metric tons)
  • Mexico (2.8 million metric tons)

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