Regenis, an Andgar Company

Regenis, an Andgar Company

- Poultry Farm Digester


If waste is for the birds, then send it through a rugged, DVO, Inc. designed and Regenis built Two-Stage Plug Flow Digester™ and turn up the heat to clean up odors, bacteria, and air emissions. Inside our American-made digester, organic waste is heated and broken down anaerobically by bacteria, capturing methane (a harmful greenhouse gas) and converting it into clean electricity that can be used to power a farm or be sold to the local utility for a profit. Simultaneously, pathogens are killed off by the heat generated from the system, leaving behind streams of economic opportunities.

Solids are now virtually odor and bacteria free and can now be sold as fertilizer while the cleaner remaining effluent can be sprayed on crops to help increase yields. Regenis has also opened up new revenue possibilities through its nutrient recovery system, which extracts phosphorous and nitrogen from effluent and can be sold or used as bio-fertilizers for crops as an alternative to purchasing fossil-free fertilizers that can be harmful to watersheds.

Our closed loop system is meets high environmental standards while making a statement to ecologically conscious consumers you share their commitment to a sustainable planet.

Watch the video to the right to learn more, and contact us so we can show you how to reimagine your reusable resources.

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