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- Floor Breeding Poultry House



Our high quality prefabricated poultry houses always grant the best environmental conditions for floor breeding. We provide our clients with different solutions, from the simplest to the most complex ones. Our prefabricated sheds can be easily and rapidly assembled and are coated with an anti-corrosive and anti-rust protection that guarantees a lifetime durability:

  • IPE or ILS columns and Beams: HOT DIP GALVANIZATION, average zinc coating of 500 gr./m².
  • Purlins: hot dip galvanization or Zendzimir galvanisation.
  • Windbracings and accessories: Zendzimir galvanisation with zinc coating on the two faces of 275   gr./m².
  • All bolts and nuts are electro-zinc galvanised.

Our poultry houses are perfectly insulated against cold and hot temperatures and are suitable for any type of climatic condition. We supply high quality polyurethane sandwich panels or mineral wool in order to guarantee a perfect insulation.

SPEROTTO poultry houses are manufactured with great attention to every detail and also offer a perfectly sealed environment. This ensures that, for instance, when it takes to ventilate the house, air only enters the breeding through the inlets.

A sealed environment guarantees an eco-friendly poultry house, an eco-friendly house means low heating and electricity costs.

Our standard steel structures for poultry, PF SS - PF CS - PFT - TSM and AVIEXPORT, are realized in different sizes:

  • width from m 10,0 up to m 32,0;
  • snow load from 30 kg/m² up to 400 kg/m²;
  • eave height up to m 10.

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