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Sperotto's high quality prefabricated poultry houses always grant the best environmental conditions for floor breeding (VIDEO and PHOTO GALLERY). We can provide the clients with different solutions, from the simplest to the most complex ones. Our prefabricated sheds are very easy and fast to be assembled. A shed sizing m 14x120 for instance, can be completely mounted in about20 days, by a local team of 6 skilled workers leaded by a supervisor of ours.

Sperotto prefabricated poultry houses are made from steel structures, protected from corrosion as follows:

  • IPE or ILS Columns and Beams: HOT DIP GALVANIZATED with average zinc deposition equal to 500 gr./m². Hot Dip galvanizing is the process of coating steel with a thin zinc layer, by passing the steel through a molten bath of zinc at a temperature of around 460 °C. With Hot Dip Galvanizing every millimetre of the steel it touches is galvanized, which means the hot dip galvanizing process reaches areas inaccessible to other similar processes for preventing rusting and corrosion, protecting the steel below from the elements. Coating will be uniform and adherent at all places. The galvanized Coating of IPE or ILS columns and beams galvanized with Hot Dip Galvanizing Process will never shrink or crack because it is metallurgically bonded to the steel it protects. It also offers superior resistance to abrasion and water.
  • Purlins: Sendzimir galvanisation with zinc deposition on the two faces equal to 275 gr./m².
  • Windbracings and accessories: Zendzimir galvanisation with zinc deposition on the two faces equal to 275 gr./m².
  • All bolts and nuts are electro-zinc galvanised.


Therefore SPEROTTO steel structures, being hot dip galvanized, are protected from rust for lifetime.


Our poultry houses are always featured by a great insulation against cold and hot temperatures, because we only supply the best quality of polyurethane sandwich panels or mineral wool. A perfect insulation is very important both for cold and hot climates: in cold climates its function is primarily to help keep birds warm, while in hot climates its valuable function is to protect birds from heat stress caused by solar heat gain through roof. These protections are absolutely needed and are 100% granted by SPEROTTO poultry houses. We have the right typology of poultry house for any type of climatic condition.


SPEROTTO poultry houses are manufactured with great attention to every detail, and, thus, also offer a perfectly sealed environment. This ensures that, for instance, when it takes to ventilate the house, air only enters the breeding through the inlets. Actually, one of the common problems in ventilating houses that are poorly sealed, is low static pressure. This causes the incoming air to travel too slowly, which means cold heavy incoming air (especially in winter time) drops to the floor, dumping water vapour in the litter as it does so. If the house is not sealed well, air will enter the shed footers, around doors: it will cause poor flock performance and may even cause mortalities. Using SPEROTTO poultry houses, the farmer will avoid such kind of common and serious problems.


By our standard steel structures for poultry, PFPFTTSM and AVIEXPORT (that is a light steel structure for hot and temperate climates), we can supply poultry houses featured by:

  • widths from m 10,0 up to m 24,0;
  • snow loads from 30 kg/m² up to 400 kg/m²;
  • height at eave up to m 10.


Sperotto poultry houses for floor breeding can be customised to meet the specific client’s requirements. We can supply prefabricated sheds for poultry with or without ceiling (made by sandwich panels or galvanized steel sheets). The wall panels can be installed on the external side of steel columns or on their internal side, in order to get a complete smooth surface inside the breeding with the presence of a ceiling.

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