Peripheral Mowers, Inc

- Model PLR - Poultry Litter Rejuvenator


The Peripheral Poultry Litter Rejuvenator (PLR) is designed to increase the life of poultry house litter by breaking up the thick crust that forms just below the surface of the litter, thus allowing the ammonia to escape. The seven-foot wide deck saves time by servicing the house with fewer passes than comparable machines. The completely covered deck reduces the amount of free dust and other material floating in the air. The rigid peripheral blade design does not fold back under heavy loads and offers two cutting edges per revolution, giving higher performance by delivering all of the torque to the litter. The PLR has an adjustable skid to control the height of the unit. Under heavy loads, the 4 BX47 belts give a smooth operation. The PLR is fitted with a Category I three-point-hitch and operates at a standard 540 RPM. The Peripheral PLR is also useful as a mower to control grass growth outside the houses.

  • Deck design – 7′ wide three-point-hitch with covered offset deck
  • Blades type and number – 20 peripheral blades
  • Rotor speed – 3100 RPM
  • Deck height – adjustable skid
  • Gearbox – 1:3 superior gearbox
  • Final Drive – 4 BX47 high torque belts
  • Tension adjustment – manual
  • PTO Speed – 540 RPM
  • Weight – 650 lbs

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