Poultry Processing Equipment



Our equipment range of our suppliers for poultry processing allows us to offer a comprehensive program for both individual machines and components , as well as for whole plants with capacities from 500 to 13,500 broilers per hour, including :

  • Loading of live poultry ,
  • Stunning and slaughter
  • Plucking and evisceration ,
  • dressing and filleting ,
  • Cooling
  • Packaging.

Our system, that we propose, makes it virtually possible to complete elimination of manual labor,  to eliminate injury of birds delivered to the slaughter, to get the quality of meat, that meets the requirements of restaurant and retail chains .

We also offer accessories and specialized technology for poultry processing:

  • Sausage production,
  • Preserving,
  • Production of chilled and frozen convenience foods,
  • while maximizing output, shelf life, product quality and value added with the ability to track all processes.

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