Poultry Processing System



The food industry in general and poultry processing in particular rely on specialized machinery for conveying, sorting, holding and processing. And each of those machines has dozens of specialized parts. Plastic is the perfect material for many of them. Engineered plastics come in a variety of formulas with various properties from high-wear to self-lubrication to friction reduction. They can be injection molded, cast and machined into virtually any shape. And, at Diversified Plastics, Inc. we can fabricate custom and common parts in both low and high volumes quickly, to reduce or eliminate downtime.

  • Low-cost tooling for cost-effective aftermarket parts
  • MultiFab Technology processes and assembly capabilities
  • Wide range of materials to include delrin, nylon, UHMW and FDA-approved elastomers
  • DPI offers assistance with material identification and selection
  • Metal detectable plastic resins for injectionmolded parts

  • Egg rollers
  • De-boner cones
  • Trolley wheels
  • Re-hang carriers
  • Hock cutter lugs
  • Chain attachments
  • Rollers
  • Bearings
  • Sprockets

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