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Power Harrows



Power harrows are offered in four various types: for tractors of power up to125 hp – harrows of width of2.5 and 3.0 metres. This is a perfect solution since these machine are both stable and light. For tractors of power up to165 hp, rotor harrows in versions3.5 and 4.0 metresare the perfect match.

Power harrows are used for cultivation of soil after ploughing and for sewing on mulch, on loosened soil. Rack of the three-point suspension system is supported on large width and ensures optimal power transmission. Movable arms with lower coupling pins of 2 and 3 category ensure optimal levelling at the terrain inequalities between the tractor and the suspended machine. Strong and high gear trough with bulkheads ensures complete stabilization of the transmission beam. Cassette seal protects the machine against dust, moisture, dirt and extends the machine lifetime.

The central gearbox enables the change of rotor speed by setting the pair of cogwheels installed originally in the gearbox, in dependence on the required level of soil scarification.

Side deflectors have double action, as a shield against threat and as a side limiter for the treated soil and lumps. Side deflectors ensure equality of field treatment and prevent from making mounds on the connection of two crossings. In the working position the deflector needs to touch the field surface so that it is not damaged and its action is not limited. It should be immerged at approximately 10 mm.

Practical and user-friendly operation, fast aggregation with a tractor and soil well prepared for seeding are basic virtues of these agricultural machines. Serial equipment consists of a drive shaft, a packer roller or a tubular roller and a hydraulic coupling.

Owing to large space between the teeth, even much quantity of postharvest residues and soil lumps are treated without any difficulties. Due to strong construction, gear trough is resistant to long-lasting loading. Power harrows are perfect for aggregation with pressing shafts and seeders of our company.

When aggregating with a seeder, it is necessary to remember to reserve proper power supply and keep particular caution to the tractor controllability.

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