- Model 600VG - Gasoline Log Splitters



When the autumn and winter is approaching there is nothing like spending an evening together with your friends or family in front of the fire place. And now you can get some assistance with the hard work cutting the wood so that you have more time to spend with your family and less time doing the actual work. Texas presents a line of log splitters which fits most needs, if you need a small handy log splitter which is easy to transport and bring along to your summer residence or if you need a larger capacity for your amount of wood. In the development of this range attention has been drawn to obtaining a unique and safe user comfort. This log splitter functions like Power Split 600V, however it is equipped with a 5 HP gasoline engine instead of an electric motor. This increases the mobility as you dont have to depend on long extension cords. Excl. 4-head wedge - this is available as an extra accessory.

  • Engine type: 4 stroke
  • Engine model: Power Line TG500B
  • Capacity: 6 tonne
  • Power: 3,6 kW v. 2850 rev./min.
  • Spark plug: W20EPR-U (DENSO)
  • Airfilter: Foam
  • Electrode distance: 0.7-0.8 mm
  • Cylinder: 1
  • Cooling system: Air cooled
  • Starter: Recoil
  • PTO rotation: Clockwise
  • Tank capacity: 3.6 litre
  • Gasoline/diesel: Gasoline
  • Engine oil: 0.6 litre
  • Hydraulic: 8 litre
  • 2 hand control: Yes
  • Cutting length: 50/105 cm
  • Max. pressure: 200 bar
  • Wroking direction: Vertical
  • Spliting speed: 12 sec
  • Oil: SAE 30
  • Hydrolic oil: Texaco Rondo HDZ32
  • Machine width: 54 cm
  • Machine length: 71 cm
  • Machine height: 109 cm
  • Weight: 112 kg

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