- Model FBW60 - Spray Foam Box Heater



The Powerblanket FBW60 Single Tank (Spray Foam Cylinder) Warming Box, 120 Volt, 280 Watt, 2.33 Amp. The FBW60 Heated box quickly warms spray foam tanks and hoses to desired temperatures. Ample room for storing hoses and guns prior to spraying. Spray at optimal temperatures year round. Single tank design. Two (2) FBW60 required to heat 600 board foot system (A&B). Powerblanket's line of heated enclosures are the most efficient method for warming and maintaining temperature in portable spray foam kits, boxes, cylinders, caulking and other temperature sensitive construction materials. The Spray Foam Industry now has a viable solution for heating their materials and protecting equipment from freezing temperatures in cold weather environments. UL/CSA/ETL Certified - U.S.A. (* Results are contingent upon boundary conditions).

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