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- Pre- And Post- Teat Disinfection System



The evolution of foaming pre- and post- teat disinfection is recognised as a major breakthrough in the management of mastitis. Modern foaming disinfectants provide dense wetting foam that bathes the teat with fresh active chemical as each bubble bursts, providing new levels of efficacy and efficiency. Available in a pneumatic version that uses existing on-farm air supply and an electric version with built-in air pump.

  • Creation of foam is simply controlled by the squeeze of a trigger
  • Consistent foam density to ensure complete teat coverage
  • Clean full strength chemical for every cow
  • One refill of applicator sufficient to treat 100 cows
  • No spill - No Waste - 100% High Visability Coverage
  • Expandable for even the largest parlours
  • Ultra low pressure system for economy and safety
  • Easy to install with push-in fittings
  • Efficacy with Economy
  • Comprehensive range of spare parts and extension kits available
  • Manufactured from the highest quality chemical resistant materials

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