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POWERTECH engines from John Deere bring a new level of technology to the engine market. Engineering advancement in all new POWERTECH engines, along with electronic controls on the larger models, have enabled John Deere to provide a unique combination of performance and environmental compliance. POWERTECH® engines give you more than 30 power choices. They are packed with features and benefits that you can’t find in any other engine brand. With John Deere, you get more power, higher torque, better fuel efficiency, smooth operation, enhanced reliability, and application flexibility.

Engine warranty on every John Deere engine is as follows:

Step 1: Full coverage on all products with unlimited hours during the first year of operation.

Step 2: Full coverage on all products is extended for the second year, up to 2,000 hours of operation. Total hours are cumulative from the time the engine goes into service.



  • Variable pitch fan - 140°F
  • Front Grill/Rad Support
  • Back Panel/Rear Hood Support
  • Instrument Panel w/ Murphy Gauges
  • Locking Panel Cover
  • Throttle Control
  • Battery Box & Hold Downs
  • Battery Cables
  • Skid Base
  • Radiator
  • Heavy Duty Air Cleaner
  • Safety Element (Air Cleaner)
  • Service Indicator (Air Cleaner)
  • Straight Stack Exhaust
  • Hood

Instrument panel includes tachometer/hourmeter, oil pressure gauge, water temperature, gauge, voltmeter, Murphy tattletale, & key switch.

Standard Builds

  • 3/4 Enclosed power unit
  • Muffler
  • Oil level safety guage
  • Coolent level safety guage
  • Tongue & Axle with appropriate sized fuel tank
  • 12-Volt power primer

Side Panels (For Fully Enclosed 4 Cylinder)
Side Panels (For Fully Enclosed 6 Cylinder)
Tongue & Axle Assembly
Tongue & Axle Assembly w/ 100 Gallon Fuel Tank
Tongue & Axle Assembly w/ 150 Gallon Fuel Tank
Third Support Leg (avail. w/ axle kit only)
100 Gallon Fuel Tanks w/o Tongue & Axle
150 Gallon Fuel Tanks w/o Tongue & Axle
Tandem Axle
12 Hour Shutdown Clock
24 Hour Shutdown Clock
Generator Mount (includes belts & pulleys)
0-200 PSI High/Low Pressure Gauge
L-129 Oil Level Safety Gauge (4045)
L-129 Oil Level Safety Gauge (6068)
EL150K1 Coolant Level Safety Gauge
Muffler (80 - 200)
Muffler (225 - 275)
Exhaust Silencer
Battery (Standard Duty for 4045)
Battery (Heavy Duty for 6068)

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