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Model PP-50 - Mini reaper and binder


The steer control handlebar can be freely adjusted to up, down, left, or right. There are around 180°, vertical 30°adjustable handle which is more flexible to be handled in different environment. During working in sloping fields or height limited garden, it can shift,2 forward gears, adjustable rope tightness. It is very economical, efficient, practical, light weight, flexible easy operation. Shaft drive system, which works more stable and safe.

Basic Matched:

(1) Mitsubishi gasoline engine(6.0HP).

(2) 5bundles tying rope, 1tool kit, manual.

(3) Certificate of conformity.







 Total weight




 Bundled way

 automatic mechanical

 Rope type

 plastic rope

 Cutting table way


 Cutting width


 Cutting form


 Fu Wo ways


 The total loss rate


 Bundle rate


 Cutting height


 Root distance




 Unit fuel consumption


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