Model PP14 - Transshipping Trailer



Electronic weight system.Printer for weight system.Support with canvas cover.The steering from the elektronic manipulator.
Painting in client colors.Steering axle (only PP20).Hand pomp for hydraulic support leg

  • Technical carrying capacity (kg): 14 000
  • Volume (m3): 19
  • Quantity of axles: 1
  • Standard tyres size: 30,5R32
  • Total length (mm): 7800
  • Total width (mm): 3050
  • Height (mm): 3450
  • Time of unloading in the dependence from the moisture of grain (min): 4÷7
  • The installation of brake: pneumatyczna
  • Painting in colors: red
  • The range of the working arm (m): 4,5

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