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Model PPA - Automatic Potato Planter



High output automatic potato planter for whole tubers. Available versions 2 and 4 rows. It is made up of an hopper with adjustable separators to adjust the potatoes level's height before the cups belts. The channel of the cups has been projected for all potato's shapes and dimentions. Elevator belts have two lines of interposed scoop cups and adjustable vibrators behind them to guarantee a perfect taking. The wedge - shaped furrow-shares form a drill that receives the potatoes perfectly in its middle. Thanks to the covering discs with a continuous adjustment it is possible to obtain any row's shape. A gear within easy reach makes possible to choose a seeding distance up to 12 positions. Available options: reduction cups for potatoes below 30 mm. parallelogram furrows, fertilizer distributor, microgranulator. row-markers, etc. Available versions 2 and 4 rows.

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