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Model PPZ-7,5-WNT - Ventilator



During active ventilation of grain huge amount of air is pumped through a layer of grain. When run in appropriate ambient conditions, this process results in cooling and drying of grain stored in a silo. Design and characteristics of the PPZ-7,5-WNT ventilator are adjusted to silos of a capacity from BIN10 to BIN100W. A portable ventilator equipped with wheels can be easily used in a number of silos. Processes of grain ventilation should be ran throughout the time of grain storage. It is necessary to maintain the lowest possible relative humidity of flowing air. This air can absorb a significant amount of water from grain. In case of high air relative humidity use of the NG-310 electric air heater is recommended.

Basic technical data for the PPZ-7.5-WNT ventilator:
Engine power 7.5 kW
Rated voltage 3~400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Engine rotations 2920 turn/min
Blow up of Ventilator Max. 2,5 m3/s
Ventilator compression Max. 3200 Pa
Ventilator weight 140 kg

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