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Model PR 3005 - Aqua Pam


Aqua-Pam is a strong water retention aid that increases the available water content of soils to help improve plant growth and increase efficiencies of irrigation. A proprietary formulation of copolymers and polyacrylic acids, Aqua-Pam also helps reduce erosion, prevent crust formation and improve general stabilization.

Growers have applied polymeric additives as soil conditioners for a number of years. With new high molecular weight products, these benefits can now be obtained more economically. The action of these polymers can be split into three different areas for most soils: erosion control, soil conditioning, and water holding capacity.

Aqua-Pam can improve soil structure and water retention, reducing leaching and increasing nutrient and water supply to the roots. The structural improvement in the soil can provide for better aeration and reduced soil compaction.

Water requirements can be minimized due to reduction of water losses from percolation and evaporation, which allows the irrigation interval to be extended. Improved water storage in the soil will protect the plant against water stress. Aqua-Pam can also increase water penetration by increasing the rate at which water soaks into the soil.

Aqua-Pam is best applied by injecting through various irrigation systems.


  • Single application: 3-6 gallons per acre
  • Repeat application: 2 - 6 gallons per acre
  • 2 to 3 times per season
  • It is important to apply after seeding or cultivation, but prior to rainfall or irrigation. Inject Aqua-Pam after all layby field operations are complete.


  • Apply 3 to 6 gallons per acre of Aqua-Pam per application following soil cultivations.
  • Use a jar test to check compatibility before mixing a whole batch

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