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Our Hand Held Seed Harvester (HHSH) was developed for use in rugged terrain, ecologically sensitive areas and seed nurseries; letting you harvest the seeds you need, with little environmental impact. Weighing only 17 lbs (7.7 kg) and carried on a shoulder strap or line trimmer harness, they are light and easy to use. Powered by a low maintenance, fuel efficient 2 cycle gas engine, they are portable, durable and trouble free. If you can walk there, you can harvest seed or plant material with a HHSH.


Three different 18 inch (45 cm) wide interchangeable stripper reels (included) allow harvest of a wide variety of native grass, wildflower, wetland & alpine species, herb, spice and special crop seeds. They will even strip leaves and flowers of medicinal and edible plants. The heavy duty 'ripper' head (shown here) cuts and harvests the tops off tough headed species such as Echinacea, Black-eyed Susans, Sunflowers and Compassplant. The medium reel harvests a wide variety of warm and cool season grasses, legume and other wildflower seed. The light duty reel collects light, fluffy seed such as Little Bluestem, Asters & Goldenrods. Almost any species with an open seedhead at the top or outer edges of a plant can be harvested with a HHSH.

Our Hand Held Seed Harvesters pay for themselves! They often are more than 10 times more efficient than hand harvesting, collecting 50 to 85% of the seed in one pass. Our 20 X 4 foot nursery plot of Black Eyed Susan takes about 8 hours to harvest by hand. The same plot can be harvested with a HHSH in 10 minutes!

You can selectively harvest individual plants one at a time, rows in a nursery, roadside patches or 'sweep' through a native prairie, taking a diversity of ripe seed. Now with collapsible shaft for easier transportation.

  • Comes with 3-45 cm (18 in) wide stripper reels - light, medium & heavy duty. Gently sweep seeds cleanly from delicate seed heads with the light duty reel or rip off entire seed heads for later processing with the heavy duty reel. Plant stalks remain intact and upright for nesting cover, and managed burns.
  • Harvests a wide variety of grass, wildflower, wetland, alpine, herb, shrub, medicinal, spice & special crop seeds from the wild or nursery plots.
  • Collect entire plots quickly and efficiently.
  • Collect 50% to 85% of the seed in one pass.
  • Ideal for use in areas accessible only on foot, due to rough or wet terrain or ecological sensitivity.
  • Can be used to harvest individual plants or 'sweep' mixes of seeds.
  • Easily carried in car trunk, back of truck, or on aircraft for remote areas.
  • Easy to clean out - seed bagged right from detachable hopper bag.
  • Quick payback period. Pays for itself in one season or less!

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