- Land Pride Seed Broadcaster



Prairie Habitats Inc.'s newest addition to our line of prairie restoration seeding equipment is the Land Pride FSP series broadcasters. These PTO-operated, 3 point hitch, tractor-mounted seeders/spreaders provide unparalleled native seed distribution on prepared sites. The Land Pride FSP has an aggressive agitator that precludes the need for expensive and time-consuming seed processing. You can broadcast seed that is full of straw and chaff with ease. You can even put small square bales of straw in any of the FSP series broadcasters, and they will chop it up into tiny pieces and spread it evenly! They also can be used to spread mulches and native hay.

Land Pride's innovation in broadcast seeding is something we have put to the test in our own field work. We now are very pleased to be able to offer it to others in prairie restoration. We don't sell anything we don't use ourselves!!

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