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- Anemones Ranunculi Poppies Garden


Biancheri Creations presents its new Pratolino collection. This hybrid variety, of genetically reduced dimensions, is suitable for flower vases (ø 10/12 cm). In order to enhance its compactness, growth regulators should be applied once or twice, according to the cultivation area and the conditions of luminosity.

It is available as seeds and/or rootstocks and also in a mixture of colours. Pratolino and Millepetali are available either as seeds for the production of seedlings planted for springtime blooming, or as nongerminated or pregerminated rootstocks, for a programmed production. Sold in bags of 500-1000 units each, according to the calibre, they are available in the following measures: 2, 3/4, 4/5, 5/7 for a minimum order of 500 units/colour.

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