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Pre-Assembled Capillary Pipes



Capillary pipes pre-assembled according to customers requirements. Pipe PE L.D. PN.4 I^ choice colors black or White (outside) / Black (inside) Ø 20, 25 or 32 mm pre-assembled, with single or double step, micropipe (“spaghetto”)PE LD black Ø 0,8 x 3, 1 x 3, 1,2 x 3 or 1,5 x 3, length from 60 to 120 cm. Standard lenght of reels: Pipe Ø 20 Reels 200 m, Pipe Ø 25 Reels 150 m, Pipe Ø 32 Reels 100 m. A well designed system works well.

The system is not pressure-compensating so work well on plane, depending on the required step we will provide the information about the maximum length of the lines.

The lines can’t be too longs in order to avoid an hight difference between the water from the first micropipe and the last micropipe of the same line. Knowing the number of drop points for the area to be irrigated we will give an indication on the diameter of the manifold to install.

Assemble the lines so that the arrows printed on the tube indicate the direction of water flow.

For a correct operation of the system is important to the extent of the hole in the manifold, knowing the characteristics of the system we will indicate the diameter of the hole to be made.

Install a tap at the beginning of each line in order to allow a further adjustment on the quantity of water delivered . Place a coffee glass to collect the water of the last capillary and verify that the unit of time, the water supplied by each line is the same, otherwise proceed to adjust (closing) the taps of the lines that deliver a greater quantity of water .

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any help for your needs to design your new capillary system.

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