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The A-One Piglet Range provides excellent nutrition right from the start, guaranteeing you with consistenly high quality livestock. Feeding a high quality diet in the early stages of life is essential if you want to achieve optimum lifetime performance. It is a well known fact that the ability to digest certain nutrients is determined by the enzyme activity in the gut. Unsuitable raw materials can cause diarohoea and gut damage. In order to ensure fast unchecked growth, the composition of the A-One Feed Supplements Ltd range of piglet feeds has been tuned to the piglet's ability to digest different nutrients at each stage of life. Each product is made to a strict fixed formula to guarantee consistent quality and growth, and has been tested on commercial farms across a wide range of breeds, environments and production systems.

The Pre-Starter Products include:

Piggy Creep Meal

A very palatable feed for use as a creep feed in the farrowing house. Also feed as gruel or top-dressing at weaning to encourage feed intake. Feeding Piggy Creep Meal from 7 to 10 days of age, has consistently been proven to improve intakes by increasing appetites just at the right time

Piggy Creep Meal G-Plus *BRAND NEW*

An ideal product helping enhance protection of the pigs gut at the critical weaning stage. Using innovative technology pigs that need just that little bit of extra care and attention, will benefit from the superior nutrition provided by the G-Plus package. Protecting the well being of the pigs digestive system by managing the micro flora of the pigs gut, A-One's newest member of the Piggy Creep Meal family will leave you amazed at the difference in your pigs and their subsequent performance.

Piggy Creep Meal 1-Plus *BRAND NEW*

Piggy Creep Meal 1-Plus forms the final part of the jigsaw, as pigs make the transition from sows milk to solid food. Designed to combine the benefits of a starter meal with the nutrition of a quality first stage diet, Piggy Creep Meal 1-Plus is leading the way in young piglet nutrition and feed management. 

Special Flatdeck

The original early weaned piglet starter diet. Available in meal or pellet form, this specialist diet will support pigs weaned as low as 3-3.5kg liveweight.

Flatdeck Milki-Start

High in milk proteins this diet is suitable for feeding in the farrowing house or post-weaning as a starter for all pigs.

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