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Precision Liquid Fertiliser Systems


RapidStart Liquid Fertiliser Systems are designed for high accuracy placement of liquid fertiliser whilst sowing. Available in three formats for mounting- RapidLift toolbar mounted, front linkage mounted or high clearance rear linkage mounted to fit different requirements. Designed for high accuracy placement of liquid fertiliser solutions, two alternative systems of fertiliser placement are available. Firstly, a nozzle applied system to target overall application or application in width adjustable banding. Secondly, a high accuracy injection of fertiliser alongside the seed with specially developed seed and fertiliser coulters (Vaderstad Rapid only). Suited primarily to working in conjunction with the RapidLift low disturbance loosening toolbar, RapidStart uses high accuracy twin electric pumps and distribution system to ensure accurate and precise placement of liquid fertiliser starter solutions.

  • Base unit complete with 1000 litre tank
  • Base unit compatible to also fit to front or rear linkage
  • Single/twin heavy duty electric pumps (depending on working width required)
  • Two section valve control
  • Fast fill point
  • Regulating valve
  • Flow sensor rate regulation
  • Variable Rate Treatment compatible
  • On/off connected to drill raise and lower

  • Choice of configuration of stainless steel manifolds
  • Nozzle mounting kit for RapidLift legs
  • Combined seed and fertiliser coulter (Vaderstad Rapid only)
  • Automatic Rate Controller/ Variable Rate Treatment compatible

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