- Precision Strip Builder Row Unit



Equip your Remlinger Precision Strip Till (PST) to fit your specifications. Apply fertilizer in the strip or condition the ground behind the rows. Whether it be a fall or spring application, we have the right equipment for your needs.

Cutting Coulters

  • 20' Straight Fluted Coulter (std.)
  • Spring and fall usage, general purpose coulter
  • Cuts deeper into heavy soils, reduces slabbing

17' Turbo Blade Coulter

  • Spring usage, best if used just prior to planting
  • Works a 2' wide band of soil, produces fines to help reduce voids in the strip


  • 2' Wide Ripper Point (std.) &
  • 1-3/4' Wide Ripper Point

Spring and fall usage, general purpose point

  • 2' Wide Ripper Point with Fin &
  • 1-3/4' Wide Ripper Point with Fin
  • Reduces slabing by slicing through the soil as the point lifts

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