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Frontal loaders equipped with mechanical self levelling, double articulation of the terminal parts and rapid attachment to the tractor and the equipment terminals. The loader arms are made with a duoble 'U' profile thet provide grater strengh and resistance to stress; The single transverse pipe located in front position allows you to make the loader arms compact, allowing you to  widen the operator’s view from the driver's seat.

  • The pivots are all made of stain  type 38NiCrMo4 and coated with zinc to ensure resistance to corrosion. They are also easy to adjust and ensure maximum efficiency as regards lubrication and maintenance works.
  • Predator loaders pivots work on alveolar bushings composed by three connected layers, a steel support strip and a porous CuSn10 matrix, which is coated with a copolymer of acetyl resin.
  • The Predator loader hosts all the hydraulic pipes within its arms, so that to ensure maximum safety at work and the best protection from external factors that might damage them. Hydraulic valve, damper and solenoid valves are all placed on the front cross pipe, e specially protected by a chain guard.
  • Predator loaders subframes are a great mix of strength and reliability, which ensure a perfect distribution of effort throughout the  tractor; this allows to do hard works for long periods of time. They are also designed so not to obstruct  the operator when he is doing maintenance works on the tractor.
  • Suitable, depending on the different models for tractors with a power of 50-60 Hp up to a maximum of 160-170 Hp, for the loading of earth, grain, hay, straw, manure, gravel, wood and pallet handling.

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