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Prefabricated Barn



Prefabricated barn concept for pig barns from Wolf System and Schauer Maschinenfabrik means outstanding quality for a fair price. According to Styrian example of prefabricated barn concepts for pig housing. Wolf Systems and Schauer Maschinenfabrik have developed and optimized that great prefabricated barn concept. The massive concrete prefabricated building has an 10 cm isolation. Stainless steel grid supports are used in oder to assure a long life. Manure channels are 75 cm deep that means sufficient manure storage and space for corrosive gases. The air supply comes from isolated roof space via pore ceiling. In respect to Group size of pig fattening the barn concept is adaptable according to the wishes of the customer.

Schauer: Sensor feeding
Dry-, Liquid feeding and Spotmix multiphase feeding can be used. Feeding system: The entire barn technology consists of proven components (product range SCHAUER ).

Ventialtion system: Schauer ventilation control and enegry saving Eco-Vent ventilators

Wolf System and Schauer Maschinenfarbrik mean:

  • Compentence, product range and execution of construction work from one source
  • Know How and experience united!

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