- Model GC Boom - Mounted Sprayers



Mechanical welded chassis designed for intensive use. Designed for a three dimensional tank for increased longevity. Cat I and II linkage for 300 and 400 litre and Cat II for 600 and 800 litre. Light compact and resistant tanks, rotomoulded with high density polyethylene. Main tank : 300, 400, 600 et 800 litre.  Rinsing tank : 40 litre for 300 and 400 litre 80 litre for 600 and 800 litre. Hand-wash tank : 15 litre

Operating area
Easy operating area
The PREMIS offers accessible and linked manual valves located on the same side of the machine.

Pump and filtration
All TECNOMA sprayers are fitted with a piston-diaphragm pump to ensure a stable flow at a wide volume and pressure range.
Piston-diaphragm pump PM 150 (60 l/min) or PM 210 (105 l/min) integrated into the tank.
Homogeneous transfer of chemicals is guaranteed.

3 regulations by manual pressure adjustment
PREMIS regulation : regulation by manual pressure adjustmentThe pressure choice depends on vol/ha and nozzle desiredOnce the adjustment is done, the pressure is stable.

PREMIS REGULAIR regulation : regulation by manual pressure adjustment with pneumatic regulatorOnce the adjustment is done, it keeps the same level and the regulator automatically compensates the section cut off without any calibrated return adjustment.

PREMIS REGULAIR EV regulation : regulation by manual pressure adjustment with pneumatic regulator and boom sections control by solenoid valves in the cab

    • Accessories and equipment integrated : design, protection and easy cleaning
    • Smooth tank walls : limited waste residues and easy cleaning
    • Specific shape in case of overflow
    • Smart assembly of the different tanks for complete integration and compactness for a limited weight offset
    • 1 Lav’Ton, rotative washing nozzle to rinse the main tank

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