- Model PREMIUM+ - Poultry Breeder Laying Nest



The Premium+ laying nest was developed especially for the breeder sector. The nest provides hens with sufficient space to lay high-quality eggs. The open structure of the nest mats results in clean nests and eggs. The point of departure for development of the nest was the animal's behaviour. As a result, the highest number of first class hatching eggs is obtained with Premium+ laying nests.

Maximum number of hatching eggs
The open structure of the nest mats ensures clean eggs. The eggs roll onto the egg belt with a minimum rolling distance. This preserves the quality of the egg.

Less floor eggs
The nest provides hens a comfortable and hygienic environment in which to lay their eggs, even with high bird density and high temperatures. Floor eggs are kept to a minimum.

Optimal hygiene
The open structure of the nest mat keeps the nest clean and hygienic. Single-walled plastic partitions are lice and mite unfriendly.

Maintenance- and user-friendly
The roof plates of the Premium+ nests are hinged for easy opening, which is very convenient for cleaning and maintenance. With the ClickFrame® system, assembly takes almost no time at all.

Patented expel system
The patented Jansen Poultry Equipment expel system ensures that hens leave the nest.

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