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Premium Liquid Fertilizer grades are part of the industry leading PureGrade family of high orthophosphate liquid fertilizers. Premium grades are ideal for economy-driven growers who want the benefits of a low-salt fertilizer.Premium grades are formulated to deliver a 50/50 ratio of orthophosphate-to-polyphosphate for early season activation. Multi-purpose Premium grades mix well with nitrogen, micronutrients and crop protection chemicals. Premium grades can be safely placed in close proximity to the seed at planting time or foliar applied.

  • 100% Water Soluble
  • Low Salt Index
  • Chloride-Free
  • Neutral pH
  • Resists Corrosion
  • Trouble-Free

  • Improved Yields - Banding Premium grades during planting provides growing plants easy access to a 100% water soluble mixture of N-P-K. Young plants emerge stronger, plants move quickly through the vegetative stage, earlier and more uniform tasseling occurs, and plants mature faster producing the highest quality crops with top yields.
  • Versatile Application - Premium grades can be safely placed in-furrow or positioned 2x2 from the seed during planting without fear of reduced germination, or it can be foliar-applied without fear of leaf damage.
  • Environmentally Friendly - When Premium grades are banded in-furrow or near the seed, fertilizer efficiency is increased by placing liquid fertilizer in the root zone. Nutrients are easily intercepted and absorbed by roots. Little fertilizer is lost to leaching or runoff.

Premium vs. 10-34-0

Premium grades are 50% orthophosphate, 50% polyphosphate.

10-34-0 is 30% orthophosphate, 70% polyphosphate

Orthophosphate is the form of phosphate plants can absorb into the roots. Fertilizers with high amounts of orthophosphate are recommended when immediate availability to plants is desired, for example, seed furrow placement and foliar application.

Premium grades include N, P & K.

10-34-0 does not contain potassium.

The potassium used in Premium grades is low salt potassium hydroxide. Including K in starter fertilizer helps prevent early season K deficiencies.

Premium grades can be used for in-furrow placement.

10-34-0 is not recommended for in-furrow placement.

Premium grades are recommended for seed-furrow placement on many crops for faster uptake of nutrients by the young root system because they have lower salt indices.

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