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For the demands of modern farms - Premium models are designed for heavy duty longterm use. The models are high quality with versatile options such as 2-speed gearbox, 4 point weighing system, steps and viewing platform plus heavy duty chassis. These machines can feed 40 to 100 cows per hopper filling. A standard cross conveyor for discharge to either side of the machine is offered. The twin hydraulic motors, with one motor mounted on each side of the conveyor, ensure that the conveyor belt is always ‘pulled’. This helps to ensure maximum life of conveyor system and belt.

Furthermore the machines have a wide variety of options - e.g. conveyor extensions (standard or narrow configuration), additional doors, cable or full electric controls and lights. The machines are quality combined with durability.


Turbo Auger is fitted with multiple adjustable hard-coated XS knives, ensuring ultimate durability of this component.
The scraping strip of the auger has a flat design to reduce power requirement. The flat strip is able to lift concentrates from the bottom of the machine so it is possible to add concentrates from the beginning of the mixing process.

The 20mm bottom plate from high quality (St 52) steel, together with the heavy-duty edged hopper ensure a perfect interaction between Turbo Auger and hopper.

Equipped with an additional wing at 180° to the auger leading edge, the Turbo Auger ensure a rapid and thorough mixing action.

For longer durability GH Engineering can fit a lining as an option for the mixing augers and hopper walls, where most wearing occurs.

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