- Felling Heads



Center post saws with versatile sawheads used for felling small, medium and large stems.

SH-56B High Capacity Bunching Saw

  • Excellent productivity in thinning applications because stems are bunched tight, compressed and straight with the patented Strait Grip bunching finger and no-pinch-point tower
  • Excels at cutting and handling high volumes of small stems, mixed stems and large single stems up to 56 cm (22 in)
  • Handles single and large stems well with superior balance and control
  • Extremely durable with extended life joints, robust structures and abrasion-resistant materials

SC-57 Center Post Saw

  • Excels at cutting and handling large single stems up to 57.6 cm (22.7 in)
  • Able to bunch medium and small stems, making it versatile for thinning through final harvesting
  • Excellent speed and holding power from a single cylinder and link that control the left and right side gathering arms and bunching fingers simultaneously
  • Twisting and bending loads handled with ease because of the large, robust structure
  • Durable and reliable felling head with chrome plated pins and abrasion-resistant materials

SS-56 Felling Saw

  • Highly versatile saw designed for harvesting large timber, with a single cut capacity of 56 cm (22 in), along with small stem accumulation
  • Able to harvest trees up to 76.0 cm (30 in) on flat or adverse terrain with the industry’s only side cut door

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