- Model KD 2400 & 2410 - Disc Mower



Bottom drive disc mowers are used in mowing all types of green fodder plants for direct feeding, hay preparation or for ensilage. The bottom drive design ensures the material is uniformly distributed at the entire width of the swathe, which contributes to a homogeneous drying of the mowed grass and allows direct harvesting with round balers (by eliminating tedding and raking).

6 discs rotating with a speed of 3100 RPM ensure high mowing quality and efficiency (when compared to top drive mowers) of up to 2.5 ha/h.

Elastomer guards allow for tilting the mower bar backwards when running into an obstacle, which protects the machine from damage.

Adjustment system comprised of a connection member which connects the coupling frame upper point and the three-point linkage of the tractor, ensures the adjustment of a proper mowing angle and height in the range of 30 - 80 mm, which has
a significant impact on the re-growth speed of the grass.

SIPMA PTO shaft with unidirectional clutch ensures smooth stopping of the machine and protects the disc drives from damage.

Hydraulic actuator, which is powered by the tractor’s hydraulic system, allows for lifting the mowing assembly into the transport position, which facilitates work and enhances its comfort.

Moldboards fitted behind the mower bar enable adjusting the forage width from 60 to 90% of the operating width of the mower and adjusting it for the devices used in the further stages of the harvest.

Forage conditioner allows for the distribution of permeable forage and reduces the green fodder drying time by 20 to 30%.

Plastic V-shaped forage conditioner beaters are extremely efficient and minimize the loss of the material. The concave settings (i.e. the working port: 3 frontal and 2 rear) allow 6 different crushing degrees of the mowed material.

Ground gear wheels reduce noise and ensure long-lasting, reliable operation.

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