- Model 5HPX-15 - 15 tons/735 bushels grain dryer paddy dryer

low-tempreture batch type grain dryer, suitable for paddy, wheat, beans, nuts. with the following features: 1.Large drying area, averagely drying to each particle with high efficiency 2.Burner indirectly supply heat to grain, grain continuous circulation and friction each other on drying, the tips on the grain is removed out to machine by centrifugal blower,get more cleant after drying. 3.Low temperature circulating drying, effectively reduce the breakage of grain, and improve the quality of grain. 4.Automatic display showing working condition of dryer, easy operation 5.Drying process average, easy clean, no mixing other seeds. 6.Use the famous brand moisture tester, automatic test moisture, auto-off after reach the specified value. 7.Connection bearings are all designed as low rotating speed, three-layer of protection device which keep away dust from outside during rotating.

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