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Price LogPro’s log handling crane technologies are custom engineered to each specific application.  Forest Product Facilities that process in excess of 500,000 Green Tons of Roundwood per year should be operating at least one log crane system. Increasing fuel costs, manpower shortages, constant log run/yard maintenance cost and reduced fiber breakage provide an excellent return on investment for investing in a log crane.  We design, manufacture, and service our log handling cranes from our state of the art facilities located in Central Arkansas and Central Georgia.  Our 30 plus year experience makes us the domestic leader in log handling technology.

The Price LogPro Lineal Log Crane is a continuous duty 24/7 designed lineal crane designed for off-loading tree-length and shortwood from trucks. In just one or two picks, depending on the model, the Price crane can off-load trucks for wood storage, log processing decks or directly into debarking infeed system. The standard trolley allows maximum use of the wood storage area.

Unlike other lineal log cranes, the rail and support structure are elevated off of grade allowing the use of a buss bar electrical feed system eliminating the need for a traveling power cable and powered cable reel system.  With the elevated rail system the other additional benefits are the rail is supported via a fabricated structure and concrete foundation eliminating the need for expensive bi-annual rail leveling, this also protects the rail from debris and logs that can fall causing damage and possible derailment of the log crane.  With a thin cross section the bridge section is not nearly as susceptible as a traditional portal/gantry crane to wind loads greatly improving safety and uptime.

The obvious advantages a lineal crane has over rotary log cranes is expandability and the possibility for multiple truck unloading areas as well as multiple cranes to access the same storage/loading areas if needed.

The Price LogPro Lineal Log Crane is designed for continuous duty and surpasses the most stringent requirements of CMAA 70 specifications. With models ranging from a 25-Ton, 100′ wide units to a 60-Ton, 140′ wide unit, and the Price log crane sets the standard for reliable and innovative lineal crane solutions.

All LogPro cranes come standard with Flux Vector Electric Drive Technology with Regenerative braking on the Hoist and Travel Drives.  Regenerative braking uses the drive as a generator to provide braking force and generate electricity to be fed back to the grid for further energy/cost savings.

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