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Primary Efficiency Panel FilterPEO

As a primary efficiency filter, it adopts a light flat panel structure composed of dampproof and hot temp tolerant double-paperboard framework, metal net, and filtering materials. Light, tight and reliable structure, convenient replacing, cheap price, 22mm, 44, and 95mm thick filters are available.

  • Filtering of large air-compressor for the environment with heavy dust and strong wind
  • Preliminary filtering of air-conditioning and ventilation system;
  • Filtering of centralizing ventilation system for the clean room;
  • It can be applied to the ventilation system of ordinary industrial plant, meeting the ordinary requirements towards cleansing air. Features
  • Since its external framework is high temp paperboard, it is of good fireproof performance; Its filter class is subject to G4(EN779), its corresponding average weighted filtering efficiency is 9095%
  • Its filtering material is a special mixture of non-woven cloth and compoundfibre, featuring puff, big capacity of dust collecting, and low initial pressuredrop.
  • Outline border media: Cardboard
  • Max temperature 93

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