- Model PT-400 - Heavy Class Demining Machine



The PT-400 D:Mine is a heavy class demining machine powered by a 415 hp CAT engine. Equipped with a tiller FAE 500/TD (Tiller Demining) it is an innovative vehicle designed for removing anti-personnel and anti-tank mines on all types of terrain, even in the presence of stones and tree stumps.Thanks to its patented and certified structure (certification of 'Statement of Conformity', 2010), the PT-400 D:Mine is capable of resisting forces generated by the detonation of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines so that there is continuity of work in the event of an accidental detonation of a mine. Unlike other demining machines, the PT-400 D:Mine is a tracked attachment holder vehicle designed for different applications (forestry, agriculture and road) and because of this it has been conceived with a series of devices that makes it versatile and reliable.The PrimeTech PT-400 D:Mine is therefore the ideal answer to the various requirements of each customer!

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