Model PRO - AIR silos



In PRO AIR silo air is blowed to grain when it is waiting transfer in dryer and also empting is done gently with air. You keep the quality and optimize result. PRO AIR silo excels in 3 different use. PRO air silo is middle storage for harvested grain before drying – enabling effective harvesting. Secondly PRO AIR silo is cooling silo for dried grain, if drying capacity starts to be a bottleneck. Cooling time can be used for drying. Third use for PRO AIR silo in nomal storage. Building a storage with PRO AIR silos is economical. For the basement a beton plate is enough. Old buildings can be utilized for storage space. Also low building can equipped with big storage volume with small investment.

PRO AIR silo advantages

  • More intake capacity for dryer
  • More flexibility to harvesting and drying
  • Less oil consumption
  • Dryer utilzation rate and investment profitability increase
  • Easy and economical basement and cost-effetive building
  • Modular design, which fit also to old package dryer
  • Fits also to low building

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