Model Pro - Debulbing Machine



Compared to traditional debulbing machines, the Debulbing machine Pro limits the risk of damaging stems due to the tidy separation of the tulips and the hanging position of the tulip when entering the machine. Tidy separation is possible because the distance between the tulips is relatively large. The tulips are offered in a straight line to the sawing unit. The crushing wheels have a large diameter and therefore they process very solid bulbs without any problem. The pressure belts, which pinch the stems, are electrically driven and executed with toothed wheels. There can be no variation between the two pressuring belts. As a result, the tulips will not turn when processed.

The unique jack screws are executed with a spiral shaped guiding profile, whereby the stems continuously will be guided during transport. By parallel synchronising the speed of the jack screws with the entire debulbing machine, the profile leads the bulbs with the right speed through the machine when removing the bulb remainders. By the active leaf separator the major part of the side leaves is removed.

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